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Who Are We?

Our Company

Birmingham Window Replacement was born from the desire to offer exceptional window and door services to homeowners in the greater Birmingham, Alabama, area. We envisioned a company that not only provided high-quality replacement windows and door installation service but also offered an unrivaled, hassle-free customer experience. As we stand today, we have successfully realized that vision, earning recognition for our dedication to service, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our footprint extends across several communities, from Pleasant Grove to Cahaba Valley and Pelham AL, transforming homes and lives along the way. At Birmingham Window Replacement, we are not merely involved in the business of fitting windows or doors. We are in the business of crafting happier, more comfortable living spaces. We invite you to partner with us on your journey to creating the dream home you’ve always envisioned.

Our History

It all began with a simple belief: Birmingham homes deserved the best. That conviction laid the foundation of Birmingham Window Replacement. Over the years, our mission has been our guiding light, driving us to set industry benchmarks and evolve with the changing needs of our local community. From humble beginnings to being a celebrated, locally operated business, our journey has been marked with milestones that tell tales of dedication, innovation, and community spirit.

Our Mission

At Birmingham Window Replacement, our mission goes beyond just replacing windows. We are dedicated to enhancing the warmth, safety, and beauty of homes across Birmingham. Every service, every product, and every interaction are testaments to our commitment to quality, community, and trust.

Our Six Pillars of Excellence: Values We Live By

At the core of Birmingham Window Replacement are six values that shape every window pane and door frame we install. Here’s what they entail:

Commitment to Quality

Whether it's the elegant silhouette of a casement window or the resilient charm of fiberglass, our devotion to excellence shines through. Every material sourced, every design sculpted, speaks of our painstaking attention to detail and quality. Imagine windows that aren't just a fixture but a statement.

Community First

Birmingham isn’t just a location for us, it's home. Our team doesn't just serve; they forge bonds. From attending local events to understanding the Victorian charm or Craftsman intricacies of Birmingham's homes, we blend in, making your vision our own.

Safety and Durability

Think of the relentless summer sun or the sporadic stormy nights. Our installations are crafted not just to adorn but to endure. Our reinforced locks and impact-resistant features ensure peace of mind with every gust of wind.


Have you ever been left in the dark about your own home project? Not with us. We usher in an era of clarity, illuminating every step, every cost, and every timeline. From the properties of Obscure Glass to the nuances of retrofit installations, we ensure our customers are enlightened.


We're more than just a business; we're stewards of the environment. Offering Energy Star Rated products isn't a marketing gimmick but a testament to our dedication to a greener world. With us, homes are not only aesthetically elevated but also environmentally responsible.

Customer Delight

Satisfaction is passé. We aim for delight. From the moment you envision a new window to the time you peer through it, our goal is to craft joy-filled experiences. Our proud showcase of testimonials and feedback stands testament to countless heartwarming stories.

Our Team: Window Replacement and Door Experts

The core of Birmingham Window Replacement? Our expert team. These passionate individuals, hailing from Birmingham, bring a mix of local insights, vast expertise, and a shared commitment to excellence. They aren’t just technicians; they are neighbors, dedicated to making every home in Birmingham a bit brighter and safer.

Vast Choices

Every home is unique, and so is our array of offerings. Whether your home whispers tales of Colonial elegance or screams Modern minimalism, we have a fit. The shimmer of Aluminum, the timelessness of Wood, or the innovation of composite—pick your story.

Cost-Effective Excellence

Dreams shouldn’t be heavy on the pockets. We create luxury that's affordable. With flexible plans and options like 0% APR, we ensure that every Birmingham home, irrespective of budget, basks in quality.

All-Inclusive Assistance

Think of any window-related need, and we're there. Be it a delicate repair, a bespoke design, or a grand installation for commercial spaces, our spectrum of services ensures no call goes unanswered.

Credible Craftsmanship

Our badges of honor—licensed, NARI Certified, and more—aren’t just shiny labels. They are a promise. A promise that every cut, every fit, and every seal is the culmination of certified expertise and passion.

Rooted Expertise

We're not just in Birmingham; we are Birmingham. Our deep-rooted local insights translate into designs that respect local architecture, installations that withstand local climates, and services that understand local hearts.

The Advantage of Birmingham Window Replacement: What Sets Us Apart

Why do Birmingham residents and business owners choose us?


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Elevate your living experience, one window at a time. As every ray of sun sneaks in through our installations, let it carry tales of our dedication, values, and the sheer joy of crafting beauty.

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